Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy Attorney

When you are ready to take positive action toward getting out of debt, Robertson Law Group is here to help. At our law firm, we want to help you determine the best course of action to take to bring relief and decide if bankruptcy is the correct course of action for you. Let us show you how our legal team can help you find answers to your problems and give you the support you need.




To qualify for Chapter 7, the most sweeping form of debt relief available, you must pass a means test. Failure to correctly calculate your financial assets and liabilities could prevent you from proceeding further. When this happens, it does not mean that bankruptcy is no longer an option, it simply means that Chapter 13 is more of a valid option for you. It brings advantages such being able to catch up on overdue mortgage payments within a five year period. While it may not cover as much as debt as Chapter 7, it is extremely helpful in bringing financial relief in various other aspects. The amount of debt differs for each type of bankruptcy, but student loans, mortgages and any car loans will typically not be cleared from your debt.

Robertson Law Group Promise :

You deserve to be treated with respect. Most people suffering from financial difficulties have been repeatedly knocked down by garnishments and calls from debt collectors for months before they seek help. Many people come to our offices with their head hanging low, ashamed and feeling as if they have failed. At the Robertson Law Group, we want you to walk in with your chin up! We fully understand that it is not easy for you to come into the office and ask for help, but we have tremendous respect for you because you are actively looking for help with your financial difficulties. We understand that life happens. We understand that it is very difficult to get ahead in today’s difficult economy and with the skyrocketing cost of living it is more difficult to make ends meet than ever before. We have represented our own friends and family members in filing for bankruptcy and use the federal bankruptcy laws to help them get out from overwhelming debt. I understand that the bankruptcy laws are there to help everyone and no one is immune from devastating debt. It could happen to anyone.

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